Benefits of drinking hydrogen water
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Benefits of Hydrogen Water for Skin

Through the years, the importance of hydrating with water for overall wellness and skin health may have already impressed you. But did you know the benefits of drinking hydrogen water take this health tip a little further?

If you’re considering consuming hydrogen water for health but are unsure about its advantages, we will help you understand by discussing the basics of this beverage and what makes it so essential — including the potential benefits of drinking hydrogen water for the skin

What is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water is similar to ordinary or regular drinking water in terms of its role in hydration. However, instead of containing two atoms of hydrogen and one oxygen atom, as with regular water, hydrogen water is infused with extra hydrogen gas or molecules — so it’s hydrogenated. Hydrogen water is also pure, neutral, non-alkaline and non-acidic.

In making hydrogen water, pure or clean water is combined with hydrogen gas before being packaged in cans or pouches. There are hydrogen pills and water machines as alternatives for people who want to make their own hydrogen water. However, ready-to-drink hydrogen water products such as those offered by Boundless are the more popular, convenient choices nowadays.

The link between hydrogen water and skin health

About b, which is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. When more hydrogen is added to water, it offers various advantages. The potential benefits of drinking hydrogen water are significant to total wellness. But most recently, its promising anti-aging benefits for the skin have been highlighted.

This is because hydrogen water (its molecular hydrogen content, in particular) is believed to combat several skin conditions, such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and aging. The beneficial effects of hydrogen water on the body (including the skin) can be attributed to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Benefits of hydrogen water for skin

Hydrogen water also helps increase a person’s energy and immunity levels and minimises oxidative stress — these health benefits of drinking hydrogen water work together to produce youthful, healthy skin.

The potential benefits of hydrogen water for the skin include:

  • Fighting inflammation — The ability of hydrogen water to reduce inflammation is well documented. It lessens various forms of bodily inflammation and operates at the cellular level. This characteristic of hydrogen water aids in treating various inflammatory skin conditions, including acne, eczema, etc. Using hydrogen water to wash your face can also help reduce acne inflammation and daily consumption of hydrogen water can also decrease the occurrence of pimples.
  • Reducing oxidative stress — Premature aging, the formation of wrinkles and fine lines and the loss of firmness and moisture are just some of the effects of oxidative stress on skin health. By regularly consuming antioxidant-rich hydrogen water, you can help your body fight free radical activity affecting skin health and other organs and tissues.
  • Preventing fat build-up — The importance of hydrogen water to digestion cannot be overstated and it is primarily known to aid in fat metabolism. When you drink enough water daily, your body won’t store excess fat. The skin doesn’t form subcutaneous fat when lipids are efficiently metabolised. Additionally, the skin cells are properly hydrated, so you get youthful-looking skin.
  • Improving wound healing — Some studies have suggested that hydrogen water may have wound-healing properties, which could be beneficial for the treatment of skin wounds or burns.

    Hydration and wellness with hydrogen water

    While drinking enough water to stay hydrated suffices for general health maintenance, drinking hydrogen water provides additional benefits.

    Hydrogen water’s small, soluble molecular hydrogen content allows its swift absorption into various body parts, including the skin cells. This helps the body replenish its energy stores and enhances its metabolic functions. Aside from ensuring better hydration and athletic performance, faster recovery times and other substantial health advantages, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of hydrogen water aid in maintaining skin health and general wellness.

    Hydrogen water and skin health

    Hydrogen water helps keep the skin healthy, supple and youthful through its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and metabolic effects. If you want to take advantage of the effects of consuming hydrogen water for health, now’s the best time.

    At Boundless, we have ready-to-drink canned hydrogen water products designed to deliver all the benefits of drinking hydrogen water to you so that you can have better skin and total health. Want to know more about hydrogen water? Visit our FAQs page or get in touch with us.

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