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Australia's First Antioxidant Hydrogen Water

Boundless Hydrogen Water is scientifically researched to help athletes perform better & recover faster.

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Our world’s first physically-infused Hydrogen Water helps athletes, business professionals and everyday heroes be boundless.

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south sydney rabbitohs

Boundless is trusted by The South Sydney Rabbitohs to help them recover faster, reduce fatigue and increase power output. When games get tough, The Rabbitohs turn to Boundless Sport to go to the next level.

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We're supporting Tim Tszyu as he takes on the world. Tim uses Boundless Sport to improve recovery after workouts and increase explosive power during fights.

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Michael - endurance athlete

“I'm acutely aware of tracking my hydration and recovery. I’ve been using Boundless Sport as a post-workout recovery aid and the results are impressive.”

David - entrepreneur

"Working long hours and travelling for work means sometimes I struggle to sleep. Since drinking Boundless Detox I've been sleeping better and feeling less stressed"

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boundless sport

Boundless Sport has been scientifically researched to help the world's best athletes achieve everyday peak performance.

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be your best everyday

boundless detox

Boundless Detox was designed with business professionals, busy parents and high achieving students in mind. Hydrate, detoxify and feel your best every day with Boundless Detox.

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boundless kids

Boundless Kids helps your children stay hydrated and healthy to get the most out of life. With no preservatives, sweeteners or added nasties, Boundless Kids helps fun loving kids get the most out of every day. 

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Boundless Hydrogen Water contains no chemicals and is uniquely crafted using molecular vibration, a pure physical method rather than chemical electrolysis. Studies have shown that there may be benefits to regularly drinking hydrogen water.

Based on these studies the following health benefits have been observed:


Reduced Inflammation

Increased Performance

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