Hydrogen water vs regular water
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Hydrogen Water vs Regular Water - What's the Difference?

Hydrogen water is plain or purified water with free-standing hydrogen molecules infused into it. Infusing the liquid with extra hydrogen is believed to increase its antioxidant properties and other health benefits.

The beneficial effects of hydrogen water make it a popular drinking choice among people who are into wellness and fitness or are health conscious. If you’re unfamiliar with hydrogen water or are wondering whether you should take it, this post is for you.

What is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water isn’t that different from ordinary water, except for free-standing hydrogen molecules infused in it. In fact, hydrogen water is created when pure water is mixed with hydrogen gas before being canned. Some health food stores also sell hydrogen pills to be dissolved in plain or carbonated water for consumption.

Those who want to produce the beverage at home can also buy hydrogen water machines. But even with these alternatives available, hydrogen water in cans or pouches is still the most convenient and popular option.

Hydrogen water vs regular water

When it comes to the hydrogen water vs regular water comparison, hydrogen-rich water has a different molecular structure from ordinary water because of its extra hydrogen content. And since hydrogen-infused water is believed to be healthier, it’s the obvious better alternative to plain water. Hydrogenated water is believed to offer many health advantages over conventional water with no risks — that’s why it continues to grow in popularity.

Hydrogen water vs alkaline water

Aside from its potential anti-inflammatory effects, the antioxidant qualities of hydrogen water help combat free radicals in the body. Alkaline water may be helpful in the prevention of bone loss. This means that both types of water provide certain nutritional benefits, which ultimately boils down to your choice.

Compared to the regular water (with a pH level of 7) you use at home, alkaline water has a higher pH level (usually 8 or 9). Since alkaline water neutralises acids in the body, it is believed to benefit people suffering from high acidity levels.

Hydrogen water vs distilled water

The comparison of distilled water vs hydrogen water is pretty simple. Distilled water is produced by collecting steam from boiling water, then cooling and transforming it into liquid form. The distillation process eliminates traces of pesticides, bacteria, other impurities and more than 99.9% of the dissolved minerals in the water. As a result, only a little is left save for hydrogen and oxygen. Also, the taste of distilled water is usually described as flat or bland due to the absence of minerals. Distilled water is safe to drink and useful when water purity is crucial.

Antioxidant properties of hydrogen water

Free radicals are inherently unstable molecules that play a significant role in oxidative stress, leading to disease and inflammation. Molecular hydrogen in the body fights free radicals and shields your cells from oxidative stress.

In one study, half of the 49 participants receiving radiation therapy for liver cancer were told to consume 1,500-2,000 ml of hydrogen-enriched water daily. Those who drank the hydrogen water had lower levels of hydroperoxide (an oxidative stress marker) and had more antioxidant activity after radiation therapy than the control group.

However, a four-week study of 26 healthy individuals found that consuming 600 ml of hydrogen-rich water daily did not reduce oxidative stress indicators. Therefore, more studies on the effects of consuming hydrogenated water on oxidative stress need to be conducted to yield conclusive outcomes.

Health benefits of hydrogen water

Aside from the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of hydrogen water, there are other health benefits associated with its consumption. According to some beliefs and research, hydrogen water may:

Hydration with hydrogen water

Hydrating with regular drinking water is generally sufficient to prevent any complications of dehydration, such as seizures, shock and kidney failure, but consuming hydrogen water can potentially do more than that. The small and soluble molecular hydrogen in hydrogen water may circulate quickly into many areas of the body, including the cells. The immediate absorption of hydrogen water may translate to better hydration and athletic performance, quicker recovery and other significant health benefits mentioned above.

Hydrogen water for wellness

Drinking adequate water is good for the health. However, drinking hydrogen water allows you to maximise the health benefits of water in a form that’s readily accessible to the body. Regular hydrogen water consumption may improve your mood, physical endurance, skin and oral health. You’ll also get better protection from various diseases because of the antioxidant properties of hydrogen water.

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