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The Environmental Impact of Hydrogen Water

From taking a metal straw before you leave the house to switching to a natural deodorant, every day, more Australians make the effort to embrace sustainability — and the way they keep themselves hydrated is no exception. Boundless is Australia's first supplier of antioxidant hydrogen water and a proud representative of environmental responsibility in the beverage industry.

Hydrogen water is normal water infused with molecular hydrogen (H2), a colourless, odourless gas composed of two hydrogen atoms. It’s believed that drinking hydrogen water can deliver outstanding health benefits, from reducing inflammation to alleviating stress and more.

In this blog, we’ll give you a greater insight into who we are and what we do here at Boundless. Read on to learn more about the environmental commitment of Boundless and explore the potential positive impacts our hydrogen water has on the environment.

Minimising our carbon footprint, one can at a time

At Boundless, we understand the contribution to mass waste soda cans have on the environment. In fact, according to a report by the ACT government, only 56% of cans are returned for recycling, despite 94% of households having access to recycling facilities. And with millions of aluminium cans being crafted every second, we decided to do something to lighten the load.

All the products you can purchase through our website are packaged into 100% recyclable cans, meaning they can be repurposed again and again within the circular economy. By embracing recycled cans in our eco-friendly packaging, we’re helping to reduce the demand for new aluminium production, lowering energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and conserving water usage.

How our hydrogen water keeps your insides and the environment clean

While it may be new in the beverage game, hydrogen water has already been making waves for consumers and the planet. Hydrogen water serves as a refreshing and health-conscious beverage and is a solid player in reducing plastic wastage.

Typically, the production of hydrogen water involves a process known as electrolysis, which efficiently utilises water and electricity to generate hydrogen. But we saw an even better, greener way. We are the first company in Australia that uses molecular vibration to generate hydrogen instead of electrolysis, giving our products an even greater sustainability edge. We also only use green hydrogen, a well-known clean and renewable energy source, to craft our incredible range of canned hydrogen water.

Hydrogen, known for its antioxidant properties, can act as a powerful ally against oxidative stress and inflammation. As Australians increasingly seek functional beverages that enhance their well-being and align with their values, hydrogen water is a compelling choice for those striving for a healthier lifestyle while seeking a sustainable future.

Further sustainability research and development

Beyond eco-friendly packaging and a refreshing taste, the Boundless brand is just beginning. As a brand driven by sustainability, we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to enhance our products through ethical and innovative technology.

While it’s hard to say what’s around the corner for Boundless at this moment, our customers can trust our latest ideas will always be the perfect blend of health and sustainability.

Support sustainability and do right by your health by choosing to hydrate with Boundless today

In an era where consumers have the power to make a difference simply through purchasing choices, finding simple ways to incorporate sustainability into your everyday life is a no-brainer — and Boundless is your ally to staying healthy and hydrated.

By choosing Boundless's hydrogen water, consumers not only enjoy a refreshing beverage, but also actively participate in a movement towards a more sustainable future. From recycled aluminium cans to the positive environmental impacts of hydrogen water, we’re proud to illustrate that staying hydrated can be a conscious and environmentally responsible choice.

From working with recycled aluminium cans to lowering our carbon footprint during production, Boundless embodies the notion that staying hydrated can be an environmentally responsible choice. Join the movement and take a sip towards a healthier, greener future by supporting Boundless.

Browse our collection of canned sports and detox hydrogen water and make your first purchase today. If you have any questions about our range of canned hydrogen water or sustainable practices, please do not hesitate to contact us today.