Benefits of Hydrogen Water
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Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water is regular water with hydrogen gas added to the water. According to multiple studies, adding hydrogen gas to the water increases its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It’s been touted for its ability to increase energy, slow down the aging process, and improve muscle recovery after a workout.

Nutritional Information

Hydrogen water has the same nutrition information as water. It contains:

Potential Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Studies have shown that there may be some benefits to drinking hydrogen water. Staying hydrated in general is a great way to stay healthy.

Based on these studies, the following are potential health benefits have been observed:

Reduce Side Effects from Radiation Therapy

One study of 49 people with liver cancer showed that drinking hydrogen-rich water for six weeks during radiation therapy could improve quality of life during treatment. 

Side effects of radiation therapy include:

The study showed that quality of life scores were higher in the group that drank hydrogen water, versus the placebo group consuming regular water. But further study is needed.

Improve Athletic Performance

Hydrogen water has been shown to improve athletic performance by increasing energy, reducing inflammation, and reducing recovery times after workouts.

A study of 10 soccer players showed that drinking hydrogen water may reduce muscle fatigue and muscle function decline caused by exercising. But more research is needed.

Disease Prevention

Hydrogen water may contain antioxidants. Antioxidants help prevent oxidative stress. This type of stress comes from both normal body functions and external forces, including sun exposure and industrial chemicals. Oxidative stress may lead to cancer and other diseases.

These preliminary studies also suggest hydrogen water may be anti-inflammatory, a quality that may reduce the risk of heart disease and other life-threatening diseases.


Small studies show that hydrogen water may reduce oxidative stress in people undergoing radiation, boost performance in athletes, and improve certain blood markers in those with metabolic syndrome.